Atlanta ranks a mere fourth on list of ‘most fun’ American cities



Leading the country with the most dance clubs per capita, Atlanta clocked in at No. 4 on personal finance website Wallethub’s latest study, which ranked “2018’s Most Fun Cities in America.” Las Vegas, Orlando, and New York, respectively, stole the top slots on the list, which was based on 65 different metrics, including movie costs and the operating hours of local breweries. Las Vegas took the lead with strengths such as its attractions—think casinos and variety shows—and overall business hours. Like New York, Las Vegas appears to never sleep, although it was docked a few fun points for being so costly. As far as dance clubs per person goes, Atlanta—thanks largely to its abundance of strip joints—actually tied for first place with cities like Orlando, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. (Yeah, there’s no way Orlando is more fun than the ATL.) But Atlanta, per the study, was billed as a rather inexpensive place to bomb around—at least relative to the 181 other municipalities assessed by Wallethub. Atlanta took Number 91 on the cheap scale, with New York stuck in last place. Atlanta also boasts the sixth-place slot for most festivals (recount, please), eighth for most restaurants, and 10th for most fitness centers, obviously an indication that its residents are fun, fit, and well-fed. And while it’s a bit of a bummer that the “City in the Forest” ranked 60th in park acreage per capita, Atlanta finished far better in just about every way than the least fun cities analyzed: Fontana and Santa Rosa, California; Bridgeport, Connecticut; Oxnard, California, and lastly, Peal City, Hawaii. Source: Curbed Atlanta